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Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
Update - 11/21/16
Road Runner       
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Complaint Form & Problem Solving Suggestions
Association Tenant’s Agreement
All landlords must have their renters sign an Association
Tenant’s Agreement form and a Renters Age Verification
form.  This  Renters Age Verification form will provide proof
of compliance with the age restrictions of a Senior
Housing Development.

Landlords should print this form , fill out  the first page and  
return it  to the office. The renters should bring page 2 to
their interview . Interviews are scheduled through the
clubhouse at (760) 329-8711

Tenant Agreement Form

Renters Age Verification
Other DCCA Forms
Form can be either printed and deposited in the Mail box outside the Clubhouse front door
or emailed as an attachment to

New Membership Interview

New Member Proof of Age
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Architectural Forms

Submittal Requirements

Architectural Submittal

Landscaping Plan

Elevation Plan

One Party Fence Agreement

Two Party Fence Agreement