Board Minutes:
Your Board of Directors are:
President -  Virgilia Becker
Vice President
- Cindy Klatt
- Nancy Nunam
Secretary - Cheryl McInnes
Director -  Eva Hall
Director - Jim Gravelle
Director - Ed Lanning
DCCA Board Meetings

Next Board meeting: October 2018  (date to be announced)

Board Workshops will continue to be held on the last Tuesday of
each month during the summer.
If a special board meeting is
called, it will be announced 76 hours in advance.

Desert Crest Community Association  -   Desert Edge, CA
NOTE: The following minutes have not been voted on or approved by the Board at this date.
Update 4/12/2018
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Board Meeting Minutes for April 3, 2018
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    April 3, 2018

    The meeting was call to order at 2:05 P.M.

    Flag salute led by Dave Hemingway

    Board Members present were President Virgilia Becker, Treasurer Nancy
    Nunan, Vice-President Cindy Klatt, Director Eve Hall and Ed Lanning.
    Jim Gravelle and Cheryl McInnes excused.

    Minutes of March 6, 2018 board meeting approved.  No corrections.
    Nancy Nunan made motion to accept. Cindy Klatt seconded.

    No Treasurer’s Report.

    Correspondence:  Virgilia Becker read flyer advising that Board
    Workshops will continue to be held on the last Tuesday of each month
    during the summer.  If a Special Board meeting is needed to address
    any issue that requires immediate attention 72 hours advanced notice
    will be given.  Board will not being going dark in the summer.


      Architectural –Randy Clendaniel-4 open projects. Two homes dealing
    with county code enforcement and building department.  Our County
    Supervisor is Manuel Ruiz for District 4, Code Enforcement personnel
    for District 4 are:  Bryan Black-Supervisor and Lorena Diaz-Code
    Enforcement Officer.  2 homes given architectural approval. These are
    69460 Crestview (Deck) and 69517 Parkside (Shed). Per Declarations of
    Restrictions each lot must have 5 foot offsets. Randy handed out Code
    Enforcement literature advising what requires a permit.  All
    architectural/landscape projects run by architectural committee before
    proceeding.  Once code enforcement involved no longer in the hands of
    our architectural committee. Architectural committee wants to work
    with you to improve your homes.

      2.04 –Alan Klatt- 11 letters of non-compliance sent out in
    February. 6 homes complied, 5 did not.  Second non-compliance letters
    sent out to these 5 homeowners.
    Weeds in lawns popping up everywhere.  We all need to address this
    issue immediately and de-weed.  Dried out weeds and palm fronds pose a
    fire hazard in summer.  If you are leaving for the summer make sure
    someone maintains your yards.
    Next inspection will be next week.

      Emergency Preparedness and Safety: Dave Hemingway-On March 23, 24
    & 25th CERT Training was held at the Clubhouse.  13 people graduated.
    Will continue training classes and future CERT classes so we can have
    more people in case of an emergency.  Looking at generator set-up and
    gas usage.  County will be painting curb on island in front of
    restaurant red to allow room for emergency vehicles to get through.
    Riverside County considering giving us an Emergency Trailer on site
    within 6 to 8 months. Restrooms at Café/Salon now locked due to use by
    the homeless. Keys available at restaurant, salon, real estate office
    and golf.  Getting bids to put up fence and gate at end of library
    over to pool wall to enable us to secure clubhouse after office
    closes.  Only entrance you will be able to use after the office closes
    is by the maintenance room.  We are hoping this will stop the homeless
    from use of our facilities and they will go away.
    Interview Committee-Nancy Nunan-14 interviews coming up. Nancy
    Nunan will be holding classes to help with the interviews for the
    Association side. Good way to meet new residents and provide them with
    important information. Ila from the Club Office will also like
    volunteers to help her out on the Club side.
    Rental and Age Compliance Committee: Cindy Klatt-1 minor child
    living in park for about 1 ½ years.  DCCA attorney sending demand
    letter for them to vacate residence within 30 days. If they do not
    comply we will need to arbitrate or file lawsuit.  Rentals in our park
    are 30 days minimum. Can not rent for a few days or week or two.  All
    renters must be interviewed.
    6.19 Committee: Virgilia Becker.  Met with Jessica. Wonderful
    meeting.  Reports from Virgilia Becker to Jessica from the Fun Club,
    Shuffleboard, and Recycling.  Jessica surprised about how much these
    groups help her and the community.  The recycling committee has given
    alone over the last 17 years more than $19,000 to better the exercise
    room and clubhouse. Jessica trying really hard to be part of our
    Maintenance-Ed Lanning-No report.

    At our workshop meeting, Officer Contreras, Riverside County Sheriff
    Supervisor, came out to discuss the homeless issues surrounding our
    park. He stated: Vigilance—the foundation of community safety.  The #1
    advice:  “If you see something, say something.  Those calls prove we
    have a need of law enforcement support.  Other advice:  keep a
    journal.  Write down any suspicious activity, with date and time.
    Watch for patterns of suspicious behavior. If you call in to sheriff
    or highway patrol and they do not want to come out or take a report
    you tell them you want them to come and make them take a report. That
    is there job.  We have several homeless encampments near our park.
    Two across the street and one between our park and Oasis.  Do not put
    your recycling out to early.  Others are taking them. Code Enforcement
    has Homeless Unit.  Will come out and cite the landowners where the
    encampments are for all clean-up.

    Old Business:  None.

    New Business:  Result of balloting on Rental Restrictions.

    452 Lots were in Good Standing to vote.  227 votes needed for quorum.
    No proxies.

    329 Valid Ballots received.

    Article XIII
          Occupancy Requirement:  Any person or company that wants to
    rent out a unit must first reside in the unit for a least one year
    before they can rent out the unit.

    Yes -204  No-114

          Rental Cap:  No more than 25% or 140 of the 563 units in the
    development can be rented /leased at any one time per California

    Yes-219                      No-110

    Both restrictions passed and are effective immediately.  Will record
    with the Country Recorder immediately the new addition of Article XIII
    to Declarations of Restrictions.

    Thank you to the Ballot Committee for their hard work.

    Open Forum:

    What is the speed limit in this park? 25 MPH.  Advised we have put in
    a request to the county to add more signs. Advised them if they see
    speeding call the Highway Patrol and make them write up a report.

    Limited parking at café once red lines painted on island.  Advised
    that we are working with Warren Minder on repainting parking lines in
    parking lot.  Parking golf carts on lawn.

    Next board workshop is April 24, 2018.

    Regular Board Meeting adjourned at 3:14

    Minutes prepared by: Cindy Klatt